Entrematic Helps Couples Become “Home Free” on FOX

An Amarr garage door was featured on the second episode of FOX’s new reality competition show, “Home Free.”  The show premiered July 22, 2015, and the episode featuring the Amarr door aired July 29, 2015. Entrematic vice president of marketing Vickie Lents said, “Entrematic is thrilled that an Amarr garage door was showcased in the brand new show showing the improved curb appeal of a home.”

On “Home Free,” nine couples are challenged to revive one run-down home every week for a deserving family in an effort to win the ultimate dream home for themselves. During each episode, famed professional contractor Mike Holmes (“Holmes on Homes®”) presents the couples with tasks designed to test and challenge the skills of these DIY enthusiasts. The couples must not only work together to restore the home, but they must also all live together in the same dilapidated work site 24/7 – the more they accomplish, the better they sleep at night!

“A home is way more than brick and mortar. So being part of this new series and partnering with FOX is truly exciting for me,” said Mike Holmes. “I’m ready to break ground with these couples. It’s going to be a lot of sweat and tears but I promise you, all worth it in the end…trust me on this.”

HOME FREE, a new competition series that will feature never-before-seen twists and plenty of surprises, as couples vie to win their dream home. Pictured: Famed professional contractor Mike Holmes (“Holmes on Homes®”), the eight-episode unscripted series broke ground Wednesday, July 22 (9-10pm ET/PT) on FOX. Photo Credit: 2015 Fox Broadcasting Company

HOME FREE, a new competition series that will feature never-before-seen twists and plenty of surprises, as couples vie to win their dream home. Pictured: Famed professional contractor Mike Holmes (“Holmes on Homes®”), the eight-episode unscripted series broke ground Wednesday, July 22 (9-10pm ET/PT) on FOX. Photo Credit: 2015 Fox Broadcasting Company

One couple is eliminated each episode. The remaining couples continue on to the next week and revive a new home. After the elimination, the eliminated couple is given the chance to go inside the home and meet the deserving family who will receive the house. In a surprise twist, the deserving family is actually the eliminated couple!

“You built it, you earned it, you own it,” says Holmes during the July 29th episode to the couple who is now truly “Home Free.”

The home featured in the July 29th episode before renovation

The home featured in the July 29th episode before renovation

The home featured in the July 29th episode after renovation

The home featured in the July 29th episode after renovation

The Amarr Classica CL3000 garage door in Northampton design with Madeira windows truly adds curb appeal to the newly renovated home! The three-panel garage door, in True White, is a unique touch and complements the new color scheme of the home. The Amarr Classica collection features three panels, rather than the traditional four, to give a more authentic carriage house look, increasing the home’s curb appeal. This garage door also features larger windows, which increase the natural light flowing into the garage. An insulated garage door such as the Amarr Classica CL3000 also increases energy efficiency by helping maintain the garage’s temperature. And, since this garage is attached to the home, an insulated garage door boasts quieter operation, reducing noise when the door opens and closes.

Entrematic is proud to be a “HOME FREE” partner. Click here to watch the July 29th episode and see the dramatic transformation for yourself!

What was your favorite part of the episode? Let us know by commenting below!

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Entrematic Hosts Wellness Fair

Our production facility in Lawrence, Kansas hosted their annual Wellness Fair on June 26th. The goal of the Wellness Fair is for Entrematic Team Members to learn about various wellness opportunities from many different vendors from the Lawrence community. Vendors came on site to offer information about how their businesses can help Team Members stay fit, stick to a healthy diet, manage their financial health, and promote overall wellness.

This year’s attendees included Delta Dental, Cigna Healthcare, Lawrence Massage, Corporate Benefits, Heartland Community Health Center, Lawrence Vein Center, T Rowe Price, Crown Toyota, Plant Serums, Truity Credit Union, Meritrust Credit Union, Genesis Health Club, Health Care Access, Lawrence Parks & Recreation, Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Wild Alive Crossfit, Liberty Mutual, Sam’s Club, and VSP.

Thank you to all of the vendors who attended! The 2015 Wellness Fair was a big success thanks to your efforts. “This year was the best turn out,” confirms Susan Moszeter, People Department Coordinator.

Here are some photos of our Team Members and visiting vendors at the Wellness Fair:

Lawrence Memorial Hospital & Lawrence Parks and Recreation

Lawrence Memorial Hospital & Lawrence Parks and Recreation

Entrematic Team Member Luke Whittmore at the Genesis Health Club booth

Entrematic Team Member Luke Whittmore at the Genesis Health Club booth

Entrematic Team Member Mike Hernandez at the VSP booth

Entrematic Team Member Mike Hernandez at the VSP booth

Rodney Sharp, Safety Director at Entrematic, mans the safety booth

Rodney Sharp, Safety Director at Entrematic, mans the safety booth

Tammy Gabriel getting a massage from Cassi at Lawrence Massage

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Amarr Garage Door Increases Curb Appeal on Designing Spaces of Hope – Military Makeover

Entrematic proudly partnered with Lifetime’s “Designing Spaces of Hope – Military Makeover” to honor a veteran living in Florida, Purple Heart Marine Veteran 1st Lt. Robert Keefe.  Robert, his wife Bianca, and their three children received a great renovation of their South Florida home, featuring a brand new Amarr Heritage HR3000 garage door to increase the home’s curb appeal and increase the home’s energy efficiency!

Lt. Keefe’s Humvee hit an Improvised Explosive Device during military deployment, causing severe spine injuries and rendering him unable to continue military service.  Wounded Warriors of South Florida contacted Designing Spaces and proposed a home renovation for the Keefe family, which prompted the created of the special Designing Spaces of Hope – Military Makeover series.

Hosted by Marine Staff Sgt. Veteran R. Lee Ermey, a Marine veteran who works tirelessly with multiple agencies and charities to help the Marine Corps and military, a battalion of workers from Designing Spaces gave the Keefes’ home a renovation.  “This is just a small token to let the military know, ‘Hey, we do appreciate what you do,’” Staff Sgt. Ermey, aka “The Gunny,” said.  “The Marine Corp retired me in 1971, and I just kept showing up for work.  It gives me something to do, and I support the troops.”

R. Lee "The Gunny" Ermey

R. Lee “The Gunny” Ermey

“All of us at Entrematic join Sgt. Ermey in recognizing the sacrifice and service of America’s military personnel and Lt. Keefe,” Entrematic Vice President of Marketing Vickie Lents said.  “We are proud to help improve the curb appeal of the Keefe family home with the Amarr Heritage insulated steel wind load approved garage door, as well as help improve the energy efficiency of their home and help protect their home against strong winds prevalent in Florida.”

The Keefes’ beautiful new insulated Amarr Heritage HR3000 in Mahogany woodgrain color was chosen for several reasons:

  • Energy efficiency. An insulated garage door helps maintain the temperature in the garage, while the temperature outside may get extremely hot or cold.  Insulated garage doors are great for all climates.  Energy efficiency is very important for garages attached to the home.
  • Reduced noise level. With the Keefes’ garage attached to the home, a triple-layer constructed garage door, such as the Amarr Heritage HR3000, operates with less noise.
  • This garage door is built with children in mind, with the section profiles featuring our patented Amarr SafeGuard hinges.  Amarr SafeGuard hinges reduce the risk of serious finger and hand injuries.
  • Insurance savings. The Amarr Heritage HR3000 garage door on the Keefes’ home is Florida wind load approved for impact resistance and 165MPH wind protection, making lower insurance premiums a possibility for the family.
  • Curb appeal. The Mahogany dual-directional woodgrain color and the long panel design of the garage door complement the style of the entry door, and significantly increase the curb appeal of the home.
  • The Amarr Heritage HR3000 steel garage door is made of up to 90 percent recycled materials.  And, Amarr garage doors are proudly made in the USA.
The Keefes' garage door before

The Keefes’ garage door before

The Keefes' beautiful new Amarr garage door

The Keefes’ beautiful new Amarr garage door

In case you missed it, you can view the Designing Spaces of Hope – Military Makeover segment featuring Amarr garage doors on our YouTube channel.

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Archicon Lunch & Learn

Thank you to the architects at Archicon in Phoenix, AZ for allowing Entrematic to present a Lunch & Learn at their beautiful office on July 24! Mark Johnson, architect sales manager, gave a presentation on our LEED certified, sustainable products and processes, and Brad Klingenberg, territory sales manager, gave an overview of Amarr commercial products.

Mark Johnson of Entrematic at ArchiconBrad Klingenberg of Entrematic at Archicon

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BBQ Time!

We were pleased to host LiftMaster in our Lawrence, KS manufacturing plant last week!  Thank you to our partners and friends at LiftMaster for providing a BBQ lunch for our employees.  It was a big hit!

Pictured below are some of our 1st shift production employees enjoying their lunches.


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11 Safety Tips for Garage Door Safety Month

June is recognized as Garage Door Safety month by the International Door Association (IDA) and Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA).  Your garage door is often the largest opening in your home, and the one that works the hardest.  Making sure your garage door is as safe as possible prevents accidents and gives you and your family peace of mind.  Here are 11 easy garage door safety tips from DASMA:

  1. Replace Old Springs. Your garage door’s springs are arguably the most important and most dangerous part of your door. Springs wear out. When they break, injury can result. If you have an older garage door, have your springs inspected by a professional technician and replaced if needed. If your door has two springs, replace both, even if one is not broken. This will not only prevent any damage caused by the breaking of the second spring, but also keep your door working efficiently.
  2. Check Your Cables. Visually inspect the cables that attach the spring system to the bottom brackets on both sides of the door. If these cables are frayed or worn, they are in danger of breaking, which can cause injury. Due to the dangers associated with high spring tension, these cables should be replaced only by a trained technician.
    Cable- Sample Cable set-01
  3. Squeaky Springs? Springs can squeak and be noisy. This is caused by normal use and does not necessarily indicate a problem. Before calling a professional service technician, use a spray-on lubricant (recommended especially for garage doors). If the noise persists, call a professional garage door installer for service.
  4. A Do-It-Yourselfer, Eh? Installing a garage door can be very dangerous and is not recommended for a novice. DASMA recommends that trained door systems technicians install garage doors. If you attempt the installation by yourself, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully.
  5. Safety Cables. If your garage door has extension springs, you need a safety cable that runs through the spring and secures to the wall or ceiling at each end. When your garage door is down, extension springs are under high tension. If the spring breaks, it may cause injury. A safety cable can keep that broken spring contained. If you have extension springs but do not have a safety cable, call your local dealer for a safety inspection.
  6. Struggling Door? If your door does not go up and down smoothly, you may have an unsafe condition. Even older door systems should operate smoothly. If the awkward operation continues when the door is manually operated, you may have a spring system that is out of balance. This can cause premature wear and tear on other important door components. Spring systems are dangerous and should be repaired only by trained professionals.
  7. Watch Your Fingers! Every year, many unsuspecting homeowners injure their fingers by placing them between the door sections to pull down on the door. According to DASMA Standard 116, if your door lacks pinch-resistant joints, you should have lift handles or suitable gripping points on the inside and outside of the door. Even if your door has an opener, the door must occasionally be operated manually. Never place your fingers between the door sections. If you manually open or close the door, use the handles or the safe gripping points!

    Luckily, Entrematic manufactures Amarr garage doors with patented SafeGuard pinch protection design.  SafeGuard hinges and safety bottom brackets reduce the chance of hand and finger injury by pushing the fingers out of the section joints.


  1. Tamper Resistant Brackets. Since the bottom brackets on a garage door are connected to the door’s springs, these brackets are under extreme tension. They should be adjusted or loosened only by a trained door systems technician. Many manufacturers now include tamper resistant hardware that prevents loosening of the brackets by a novice.
  2. Use the Old Track? When buying a replacement garage door, some homeowners are tempted to save a few dollars by putting the new door on the old track. However, your old track may not fit with your new door, depending on the thickness of your sections, the weight of the door, the headroom required, the location of the garage door opener, and other considerations. The track and sections work together as a system. For maximum performance and long life, you should use the track that is designed for your specific door.
  3. Regular Service. Your garage door is probably the largest moving part in your home and is typically used every day. Over time, parts can wear out and break, creating potential safety problems. Although you should provide monthly safety checks and maintenance to your garage door system, an annual visit from a trained door systems technician can keep your door operating safely and smoothly for a long time.
  4. Safety Reverse. Since 1993, all openers manufactured for the U.S. must include a second safety reversing feature such as photoelectric eyes. These are installed near the floor. Once the invisible beam is broken, the door reverses automatically. If your opener lacks a similar safety reversing feature, it’s time to get a new opener. Check out this LiftMaster Safety Check video to see this tip in action:

Tips from: http://www.dasma.com 

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Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Amarr Carriage Court CC4000

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Amarr Carriage Court CC4000

Amarr is excited to announce the release of its brand new overlay garage door, the Amarr Carriage Court CC4000!  This door has a distinct, defined styling with 14 different carriage house designs that can easily be seen from the curb.  Here are four things you need to know about this new collection.

  1. The Amarr Carriage Court collection boasts a superior four-layer construction.

The Amarr Carriage Court CC4000 is the first Amarr residential garage door with four-layer construction.  The four layers are a composite overlay, steel exterior, polystyrene insulation, and steel interior.  The polystyrene interior and steel interior backing provide energy efficiency and noise reduction.  The 2” thick door is built with a 1-3/8” steel section and 5/8” composite overlay trim.

84 Estate Double/Single Garage Door

  1. Our composite overlay trim is durable.

Made of reclaimed wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer, our overlay composite trim resists rot, decay, and fungal growth.  It won’t flake, blister, peel, pit or corrode.  The Amarr Carriage Court collection is a great choice to enhance your home’s curb appeal with an innovative, durable design.

  1. Coped edges aren’t just on the overlay trim – they’re also on our windows.

Amarr Carriage Court CC4000 features 5/8” thick decorative window grilles with coped edges.  The window designs are large (24” top sections) and allow for plenty of natural light.  They are also available in double-strength, obscure, or insulated glass.  Maybe windows aren’t your thing?  No problem – the Amarr Carriage Court collection also features closed square and closed arch top section options.


  1. Decorative hardware is an easy way to enhance the authenticity of Amarr Carriage Court CC4000’s carriage house design.

If you’re really looking for something to take this door to the next level, both aluminum and stamped steel decorative hardware are available for this door.  Handles and straps are an easy addition to your door to increase your home’s curb appeal.

What’s your favorite aspect of the new Amarr Carriage Court collection?  Let us know in the comments below!

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