11 Safety Tips for Garage Door Safety Month

June is recognized as Garage Door Safety month by the International Door Association (IDA) and Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA).  Your garage door is often the largest opening in your home, and the one that works the hardest.  Making sure your garage door is as safe as possible prevents accidents and gives you and your family peace of mind.  Here are 11 easy garage door safety tips from DASMA:

  1. Replace Old Springs. Your garage door’s springs are arguably the most important and most dangerous part of your door. Springs wear out. When they break, injury can result. If you have an older garage door, have your springs inspected by a professional technician and replaced if needed. If your door has two springs, replace both, even if one is not broken. This will not only prevent any damage caused by the breaking of the second spring, but also keep your door working efficiently.
  2. Check Your Cables. Visually inspect the cables that attach the spring system to the bottom brackets on both sides of the door. If these cables are frayed or worn, they are in danger of breaking, which can cause injury. Due to the dangers associated with high spring tension, these cables should be replaced only by a trained technician.
    Cable- Sample Cable set-01
  3. Squeaky Springs? Springs can squeak and be noisy. This is caused by normal use and does not necessarily indicate a problem. Before calling a professional service technician, use a spray-on lubricant (recommended especially for garage doors). If the noise persists, call a professional garage door installer for service.
  4. A Do-It-Yourselfer, Eh? Installing a garage door can be very dangerous and is not recommended for a novice. DASMA recommends that trained door systems technicians install garage doors. If you attempt the installation by yourself, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully.
  5. Safety Cables. If your garage door has extension springs, you need a safety cable that runs through the spring and secures to the wall or ceiling at each end. When your garage door is down, extension springs are under high tension. If the spring breaks, it may cause injury. A safety cable can keep that broken spring contained. If you have extension springs but do not have a safety cable, call your local dealer for a safety inspection.
  6. Struggling Door? If your door does not go up and down smoothly, you may have an unsafe condition. Even older door systems should operate smoothly. If the awkward operation continues when the door is manually operated, you may have a spring system that is out of balance. This can cause premature wear and tear on other important door components. Spring systems are dangerous and should be repaired only by trained professionals.
  7. Watch Your Fingers! Every year, many unsuspecting homeowners injure their fingers by placing them between the door sections to pull down on the door. According to DASMA Standard 116, if your door lacks pinch-resistant joints, you should have lift handles or suitable gripping points on the inside and outside of the door. Even if your door has an opener, the door must occasionally be operated manually. Never place your fingers between the door sections. If you manually open or close the door, use the handles or the safe gripping points!

    Luckily, Entrematic manufactures Amarr garage doors with patented SafeGuard pinch protection design.  SafeGuard hinges and safety bottom brackets reduce the chance of hand and finger injury by pushing the fingers out of the section joints.


  1. Tamper Resistant Brackets. Since the bottom brackets on a garage door are connected to the door’s springs, these brackets are under extreme tension. They should be adjusted or loosened only by a trained door systems technician. Many manufacturers now include tamper resistant hardware that prevents loosening of the brackets by a novice.
  2. Use the Old Track? When buying a replacement garage door, some homeowners are tempted to save a few dollars by putting the new door on the old track. However, your old track may not fit with your new door, depending on the thickness of your sections, the weight of the door, the headroom required, the location of the garage door opener, and other considerations. The track and sections work together as a system. For maximum performance and long life, you should use the track that is designed for your specific door.
  3. Regular Service. Your garage door is probably the largest moving part in your home and is typically used every day. Over time, parts can wear out and break, creating potential safety problems. Although you should provide monthly safety checks and maintenance to your garage door system, an annual visit from a trained door systems technician can keep your door operating safely and smoothly for a long time.
  4. Safety Reverse. Since 1993, all openers manufactured for the U.S. must include a second safety reversing feature such as photoelectric eyes. These are installed near the floor. Once the invisible beam is broken, the door reverses automatically. If your opener lacks a similar safety reversing feature, it’s time to get a new opener. Check out this LiftMaster Safety Check video to see this tip in action:

Tips from: http://www.dasma.com 

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Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Amarr Carriage Court CC4000

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Amarr Carriage Court CC4000

Amarr is excited to announce the release of its brand new overlay garage door, the Amarr Carriage Court CC4000!  This door has a distinct, defined styling with 14 different carriage house designs that can easily be seen from the curb.  Here are four things you need to know about this new collection.

  1. The Amarr Carriage Court collection boasts a superior four-layer construction.

The Amarr Carriage Court CC4000 is the first Amarr residential garage door with four-layer construction.  The four layers are a composite overlay, steel exterior, polystyrene insulation, and steel interior.  The polystyrene interior and steel interior backing provide energy efficiency and noise reduction.  The 2” thick door is built with a 1-3/8” steel section and 5/8” composite overlay trim.

84 Estate Double/Single Garage Door

  1. Our composite overlay trim is durable.

Made of reclaimed wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer, our overlay composite trim resists rot, decay, and fungal growth.  It won’t flake, blister, peel, pit or corrode.  The Amarr Carriage Court collection is a great choice to enhance your home’s curb appeal with an innovative, durable design.

  1. Coped edges aren’t just on the overlay trim – they’re also on our windows.

Amarr Carriage Court CC4000 features 5/8” thick decorative window grilles with coped edges.  The window designs are large (24” top sections) and allow for plenty of natural light.  They are also available in double-strength, obscure, or insulated glass.  Maybe windows aren’t your thing?  No problem – the Amarr Carriage Court collection also features closed square and closed arch top section options.


  1. Decorative hardware is an easy way to enhance the authenticity of Amarr Carriage Court CC4000’s carriage house design.

If you’re really looking for something to take this door to the next level, both aluminum and stamped steel decorative hardware are available for this door.  Handles and straps are an easy addition to your door to increase your home’s curb appeal.

What’s your favorite aspect of the new Amarr Carriage Court collection?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Garage Door Maintenance and Safety Tips

A recent consumer survey conducted by the International Door Association (IDA), the world’s largest association of professional garage door and access systems dealers and installers, indicates that the majority of Americans are unaware of recommended maintenance for the largest and heaviest moving object in their home – the garage door.

“A broken garage door can be an inconvenience in terms of access. But a broken and falling garage door or busted spring can be downright dangerous.” Homeowners should consider regular maintenance of their garage doors to avoid dangerous safety issues and unexpected expenses. Some tasks are DIY, but others are best left to qualified professionals.

”An annual garage door and opener inspection performed by a professional can help make certain that a home’s garage door operating system continues to function as it’s meant to. For a nominal inspection fee, a professional can recognize a small problem and remedy it before it becomes a large problem.”

Click here to read the full press release.

To learn more about how to select a door dealer, maintenance tips and garage door safety, visit GarageDoorCare.com.

Garage Door Maintenance

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Enhanced Carriage House Look in Seconds

Modern carriage house sectional garage doors open overhead and continue to gain in popularity, constituting 35 percent of the volume in the garage door industry with projections to remain a huge trend.

If you already have a carriage house style door or are thinking of purchasing one – have you ever considered adding decorative hardware? Decorative handles and hinges take the carriage house look to the next level – providing a visual illusion consistent with the original carriage house door that swung open from the middle.

Normal decorative hardware looks great but has to be attached to the door using a drill and screws. In many instances, the installation of traditional decorative hardware can take a long time because the placement has to be very precise – and that means more money out of your pocket.

Amarr recently introduced Castle Rock decorative hardware that magnetically attach to steel doors.  The Castle Rock hardware requires minimal measuring and no drilling, allowing for a quick installation and an inexpensive way to instantly enhance the carriage house look of your garage door.

castle rock

These lightweight, three-dimensional handles and hinges are made with rust-resistant ABS vinyl and feature rare-earth, neodymium magnets for strong and secure attachment.

Visit the Amarr Door Designer to view a door on your own home!

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Garage space isn’t just for cars anymore

The word garage, when looked up in the dictionary, has a simple meaning: a building or indoor area for parking or storing motor vehicles. By and large, this definition sums up exactly what comes to mind for most folks when they hear the word. But for some folks, garages are so much more than a space to park the family minivan and store the cumbersome and unattractive trash and recycling bins. Instead, they are functioning spaces of the home that, in the eye of the homeowner, serve just as much purpose as a kitchen or a bathroom and deserve just as much attention to detail.

More and more, people are using garages as space to actually live in. It isn’t just extra room anymore. Since the 1950s, most garages in North America are of the ”attached” variety, meaning that they are part of the actual main home and not a separate building on the property. From music studios to man caves, art spaces to playrooms, garages are quickly becoming more integral parts of the family home. They are heated and cooled. They are equipped with cable and Internet capabilities. They are accessorized with attractive lighting and flooring choices.

While wall cabinetry units may still house things like a yard rake and a collection of tennis racquets and lacrosse sticks, they are also being chosen to integrate in such a fashion that the garage is truly seen as another room in the home, no matter what the intended end use of the square footage.

The gateway to the garage, of course, is the garage door. Garage doors, even though they impact the exterior look of the home, have not always been given as much careful consideration, as a design element, as the rest of the house. But now, more than ever, garage doors are getting special treatment in the design arena – both from the exterior and interior perspectives. A consumer using garage space as an art studio may choose a door with more window panels, as to increase and enhance the natural light that comes into the space. The parents of a budding rock band musician who uses the space as a performing and recording area might need to take into account the ability of the door to reduce the noise carrying to other parts of the house. Garage spaces can even be beautifully appointed to serve as living rooms, sunrooms, and a variety of other entertaining spaces that integrate seamlessly with the design and decor of the rest of the home. Installing a door from the Amarr Vista collection allows plenty of natural light to come into the garage, making your unique space bright and inviting while adding a modern twist on your home’s curb appeal.

So give your garage another look. It is a fine space for doing the things that traditionally make us think of garages, of course, but take a look at your garage space with a fresh eye. The space can be so much more. Entertaining space, work space, a space for a personal hobby that you’ve always wanted in your home but could never figure out how to have. The possibilities are endless.

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Buying a garage door? Think insulation.

There are seemingly endless options through which homeowners must navigate when buying a new garage door: the style, materials, and accessories, just to name a few. But perhaps the most important feature that should top the garage door consumer’s list is energy efficiency.

Why? Because the garage door is generally the largest moving object in your home and offers the greatest exposure to the elements. An insulated garage door will maintain the temperature in your garage in the winter and in the summer and likely decrease your heating and cooling costs. Insulated garage doors not only make the garage itself more comfortable to be in, but also the rooms adjacent to or above the garage. A well-insulated garage also helps keep moisture out, and its sturdy construction offers a greater noise-reducing sound barrier.

What should consumers look for in an energy efficient garage door? For starters, check out the R-value. R-value is a measure of thermal resistance to heat flow and is how most manufacturers show the energy efficiency of their product. The higher the R-value of a door, the more insulation you’ll get. Second, look at the door’s construction. Well-insulated doors will have a “triple-layer” construction, consisting of environmentally safe polystyrene or polyurethane thermal insulation between two layers of heavy-duty steel. Some insulated garage doors also include a thermal break which is a nonconductive material within the door that keeps thermal energy from passing through, resulting in improved energy efficiency for the home.

ImageWell-insulated garage doors should be able to stand up to the most extreme of conditions while simultaneously protecting your garage and the rest of your home. For example, the Heritage 3000 door by Amarr was installed at Mawson Station, a science facility in Antarctica, in 2007. The garage door continues to withstand years of exposure to 100 mph blasts of wind and snow.

Whether your garage door withstands heat, wind, snow, rain, or all of the above, it’s the largest line of defense for your home. Make sure that it’s working hard for you by reducing your home’s energy consumption and providing strong, durable protection from the outside. Your utility bills – and the rest of your (climate-controlled) house will thank you.

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Enhance Curb Appeal with a Carriage House Style Garage Door

Carriage House Style Garage Door Continues to Increase in Popularity

One out of every five residential garage doors sold in North America today is a carriage house style door, according to a recent nationwide survey conducted by Door & Access Magazine. Sales of carriage house doors have tripled since 2005, now accounting for 19% of the typical North American door dealers’ residential garage door sales.

When asked “What is the most popular upscale carriage-style door model you sell?” the Amarr Classica Collection ranked in the top 5 models mentioned.

Enhance Curb Appeal

One of the most important factors in a consumer’s decision to purchase a carriage house style door is its unique look and added curb appeal.

Amarr recently introduced two new offerings to the Classica Collection that provide increased variety and style options:

1. 42 Two-Tone Color Combinations:H_S_05_P_S_02

Amarr now offers 42 factory- painted two-tone color combinations that create more distinction and definition to the unique Classica designs. The two-tone paint combinations provide significant added color dimension for those who want a unique look and enhanced curb appeal. These different design options can be tailored specifically to your home’s façade.

2. Three Dual-Directional Woodgrain Colors:H_N_05_NT_S_09

Amarr recently introduced three new dual-directional woodgrain colors – Golden Oak, Walnut and Mahogany – that offer a more realistic, natural woodgrain appearance.  These colors are available in Amarr’s  Classica, Oak Summit, Stratford, and Heritage Collections of steel garage doors. The new dual-directional woodgrain colors offer a horizontal woodgrain pattern on the rails of a garage door section and a vertical woodgrain pattern on the stiles and panels. The result is a much more distinctive woodgrain pattern that can be seen from the end of a typical driveway. Dual-directional woodgrain colors are a great way for homeowners to mimic the look of natural wood but with the practicality and affordability of a steel garage door.

If you’re thinking of replacing a tired garage door in an effort to boost your home’s curb appeal this fall, consider the classic carriage house door, whose popularity has only continued to grow over the last century. With a timeless design that can be specifically tailored to your house, it’s a choice that both you- and future owners of your home- can happily live with for a long time.

View a new Amarr Garage Door on a photo of your own home!

Read the full Door & Access Magazine article.

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